Coping with Parenthood

Coping with Parenthood

Dr. Heck has a particular expertise in helping new and experienced parents cope with issues of parenthood.  She been researching factors that affect parenthood for over 20 years, and is actively involved in the parenting and early-childhood treatment community in Philadelphia.  A parent herself, she firmly believes that the best gift to give the next generation is to support its parents.  

The transition to parenthood can be a difficult phase of life.  Parents often struggle with many issues, including postpartum emotions, parents’ return to work, decisions about childcare, the couple’s own relationship, relationships with extended family, and the general hassles of daily life.  Despite the many joys of having a new child, these stresses can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed, burned out, anxious, or depressed.  Caring for a baby or child can also call up positive and negative experiences that the parent had as a child with their own parents, which can in turn have an impact on the new parent-child relationship.

I firmly believe that the best gift to give the next generation is to support its parents.”

The challenges facing parents can be amplified if a child has a medical issue, disability, or special needs.  Parents of older children, adolescents, or adults may face other types of issues, including managing transitions in their children’s lives, and managing relationship difficulties with their children.  

Dr. Heck's practice has a special focus on supporting, counseling, and providing psychotherapy treatment for parents at all stages.  She works with parents either individually or as couples.  She also offers dyadic therapy for parent-infant pairs.